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You will now be required to enter your credit card details using the secure system of Piraeus Bank (128 bit ssl, verified by VISA & MASTERCARD CREDIT CARDS). Read carefully payment method: Pay 30% of the total stay amount as an advance payment the rest will be paid on your arrival at the hotel. All details will be printed analytically at the end of your reservation with the confirmation.
In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservaiton you must use the 'CANCELLATION' procedure of the system in the first page. The Reservations Department will examine each cancellation request and inform the client by e-mail within 3 days maximum for money refunds you have paid for your confirmed reservation. According to the hotel's cancelation policy, you have the right for 100% refund if cancellation is made 5 days before your arrival, 30% refund if cancelation is made less than 4 days. There is no refund if cancelation is made less than 3 days or in case of no-show.

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