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La Calcidica Agency is your quick and easy way for you and your family to escape and discover this hidden greek paradise.
Travel Agency "La Calcidica"
Halkidiki the secret paradise of Greece

La Calcidica Agency is your quick and easy way for you and your family to escape and discover this hidden greek paradise
Who we are
Who we are

How many times have you heard it or even said it yourself ? ‘’I’m going to start running my own business somewhere really beautiful and live there’’.Lorenzo Calabretta Italian by birth and a great greek pasionate , did it in 2006.He founded ‘’La Calcidica’’ Travel Agency in Afytos a small village of Kassandra in Halkidiki.

Moved with his wife Kelly Valaroutsou in Afytos and with great love for this region made a dream come true.A travel Agency to guide his clients and make Halkidki an unforgettable experience.
Halkidiki Group Pakages
Your simple solution to create group packages in Halkidiki

How can I organize a group in the peninsula of Halkidiki? Is Halkidiki as beautiful as the Greek Islands? Are the hotels in this area capable of providing my demanding clients?

Thanks to the staff of “La Calcidica” Agency and experience since 2006, we can offer various solutions and excellent hotels to fit your clients specific requirements. Along with many excursions offered in Italian language and complete assistance for the entire duration of their vacation.

A special thanks to the valued cooperation with many local businesses, we can easily organize groups of 20-30-40 people allowing you to sleep at ease through the night.
Thessaloniki Car Rental
Your easy way to rent a car in Thessaloniki

Make your car booking from Thessaloniki Airport without any credit card requirement.

Reservations upon request

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Our Excursions
Explore the breathtaking beauty of Halkidiki

How can you and your family discover the Halkidiki Peninsula, one of the absolute most vast areas of Greece?

Thanks to the excursions that we offer, you can see the mysterious monasteries of Mount Athos, relax on the unforgettable beach of Drenia Island, explore the small traditional village of Amouliani Island and visit the Tomb of Phillip II of Macedon, one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century that will leave in awe.

Discovering Mount Athos
Come to discover together with us one of the most inaccessible places in the world

Would you like to be one of the few people that can say that they actually had the opportunity to be a part of this unique spiritual experience and be able to tell your friends and family about the culture, spirituality and the peace you felt during your time on the sacred mountain of Mount Athos?
3 Free Videos of the Halkidiki Peninsula
Our Videos of the Halkidiki Peninsula